Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fire Island Invasion 2009

Each July 4th, a boat full of Drag Queens invade the Pines, Fire Island...in remembrance of the day, back in the 60's, when a bar owner refused to serve a drag queen a drink. Ever since, every year, they come back to in be-wigged droves.

Bam Bam and I hoofed it from the Pines over to Cherry Grove to watch the girls ready their sea-gams. Complete bedlam! We always want to join the invasion but are too bruised and battered from our high heeled 5th avenue march to pull it together so soon after Pride (if you must know, it's been 9 days and my feet still soak my socks with blood).

I came up with the idea of perhaps forgoing Pride next year in favor of the invasion. It may be a hard sell to the group---but just get a load of this!

They're nesting.
When you look this good, never pose in front of an overly patriotic balloon spider.
Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert were a huge hit at the Ice Palace!
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the POTHEADS.
It was my privilege to pose with the "Real Housewives of Mt. Olympus"
The "Drag Repair" crew makes sure that Miss Invasion 2008 is well-powdered.
When will Cherry Grove install the gender-neutral toilettes?
"Are you the Lady Eve?" I ask. "I'm Craven," she responds. "Craven Moorehead" (hiss!)
We hustled through the meat rack and back to beat the boatload of drag queens before they sailed into the harbor in all their glittering glory.

Back in the Pines (following her live performance at Madrid Pride) I discovered Lady Gaga crouched alone and vulnerable as she took a momentary blackout/respite from her harried performance schedule. Poker face!
Bam Bam became especially obstreperous.
Felicity Feathers made a rare appearance in exultant Brazilian samba-style headdress. Cooldan piggy-backed a faltering drag queen, just when she could not take another stilettoed-step along the boardwalk. As they say, a drag queen in need...
Priscilla's flips ain't no flop. She won a frickin' Oscar for this dress!
We made it---here they come. Happy July 4th! A boatful of rainbow sparkling skittles, set to "God Bless America". I get tingles every time!


The Blackout Blog said...

LOL @ Lady Gaga. It may as well be her. Nobody knows(/remembers) what her actual face looks like!

Don said...

This looks like a must see for next year. Great pictures and even better fun. Sparkle on!!