Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Let's begin with the many G-strings of Marcus Patrick! My film formerly known as "Bye Bye, Fruit Fly" has been re-named "Violet Tendencies"! Here's a whole ton of behind the scenes fun:

Marcus reading between takes. The book? "Reality and Subjectivity" No kidding!
He dropped it to give our reality a highly subjective pose.
Marcus Patrick as Zeus. Love this guy
That banana is all Marcus, I swear.
The rooftop scene below is the opening of the film and I'd tell you what's going on, but that's a spoiler! Seen: Sam Whitten, Marcus Patrick, Mindy Cohn, Margret Echeverria, photographer Jocelyn and party puerco Petey Pig getting his drink on.
Margret, preparing to crowd surf.
Under the Empire State: DJ Lady Google & Company
Heeeere's Luke!
The crew in action
Jack Mackenroth, Hedda Lettuce, and Mike Diamond guest starring...
Sam Whitten as Riley
Looking good in the monitor
Guess which superhero?
At Vlada, Bam Bam plays bartender
Kim Allen as Salome
Walking home, Violet (far left) stumbles upon Salome (behind a dumpster)....looking fabulous!
Luke and Darian in bed
Village People cowboy and great guy Randy Jones joins Mindy Cohn and some of our cast
Luke getting frisky at the sex party
Casper Andreas directs the action in Vern's apartment
Adrian Armas as Darian
The Gang's All Here
Violet Tendencies is currently being edited. We hope to have a rough cut soon! Want to own a piece of it? We're still seeking the final few investors to join our team and help bring us through post-production. Check out the business plan/proposal on the right margin of this blog.

We're also looking for original music! If you're a musician and want your stuff considered for the soundtrack, get in touch. Our editor is currently playing original CDs to see what fits the mood of each scene.

Thanks for your support! Later on, I will be posting more professional pics from our still photographer, J. Cherrae!


Rebekka said...

Love the new title, so much better!

Don said...

Great teasers for the movie!! Love the pictures - keep them coming. Looks like a good time was had by all - especially you!! Hope the editing goes well.


AJ said...


Thanks for the glimpse into the life of the film. Hope more pictures will be forthcoming.