Friday, July 24, 2009

Bad Day!

I keep getting this annoying automated telephone call saying I have to call them back at this 1-877 number. Turns out it's a "collection agency" and they tell me that I owe all sorts of hundreds of dollars to AT&T from a phone that I supposedly set up in the year 2000.

The address they have for this telephone that I allegedly set up is an address I never lived at on Sunset Boulevard. Furthermore, for the entire year of 2000 I was floating down the Amazon. They're telling me that maybe someone stole my social security number (as if that's all you need to set up a phone line?) and when I tell them it's quite obviously fraud, they say I need to prove this.

I say they're a fraudulent debt buying operation ("American Agencies"), and the burden of proof is on them! Has anyone else been in this situation? Because right now I almost want them to serve me papers and take me to court so I can counter-sue for harassment.

UPDATE: I googled "American Agencies" and "Fraud" and a ton of stuff came up (thank you, reader) so I contacted one woman who sued them in 2003 and won and she posted my query, with her response on what to do up on a credit suit website. If any of these scams from debt buying collectors ever happens to you or someone you know, check it out. Thanks, Christine!


Jake said...

Getting involved in a lawsuit can be quite annoying. I'd suggest you call the NYS Attorney General Consumer Frauds division.

youyong28 said...

I have had this happen from time to time. There's a guy with my same first and last names who is constantly in trouble. One time I told them my middle initial, and they said "wrong guy". Another time I gave them the last THREE digits of my social, and a again I was off the hook. One time the woman who called me accused me of being a deadbeat who didn't pay his bills. Unfortunately, I straightened it out with someone else, so I couldn't tell her not to make accusations without checking the facts.

Anonymous said...

Do a google search onatt and scam. these were the first two of 1,900,000 results.