Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thinking of Don

Many of you have been asking about the status of the disappearance of Don Skiff's son, which I blogged about recently. His body was found in the woods of Pennsylvania last week, and his killers charged. Donnie had been missing for 5 weeks, and although his father says he feels nothing anymore, I hope it is of some solace that his son has finally been found...and laid to rest.

Donnie was a kind person who did not deserve to be the victim of a completely random, hideous act of violence. The last phone call he made was to his sister, and they were discussing buying a new pair of pants for their father, who had just lost a lot of weight.

I look forward to hearing that justice is served in this case, and it is my sincerest hope that his family will one day find peace. I know Don is reading this, so feel free to leave comments.

I feel guilty writing my blog these days. Here I am selfishly sharing my good news when other people are suffering unimaginably. I don't know how to apologize for what seems like flippancy in these day-to-day posts.

And yet it feels somehow that this juxtaposition of the happy and the horror---is the essence of this schizophrenic thing we call life.


AJ said...

Hi Jesse,

I too hope that Donnie's family finds peace after the horrendous events that recently touched their lives. It is sad that killers of such a wonderful person as Donnie are allowed to exist in the world. It just gives credence to what a famous philosopher once said: We are living in hell and no one realizes it.
Please convey to Don my deepest sympathy at the loss of his son.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I appreciate your comments. Crimes of this enormity for any reason are too awful to try and understand. This horrendous, evil kidnapping and murder carries extreme sorrow. My heart goes out to this father. His story re-awakens my own emotion. I am the father of a beautiful, 25 year old girl who was the victim of an equally vicious murder, I know the torture he is going through. Movienut.

The Blackout Blog said...

Thanks for the update, Jesse. My heart goes out to Don, and I'm glad to hear justice was served.

With all the horrible events going on, I think we all welcome the contrast of your good news! The fact that you've secured financing for your film in this economic environment speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...


I knew this woman back when I school teacher and she was a school teacher (many MANY years ago). She used to say, quite often, actually, it was kind of her mantra: "Every day is a gift." I never really understood fully what she meant, but as I got older I figured out it means that every day really is a gift, and that it can all go away, just like that. It's kind of like saying "Enjoy it while you can; enjoy while it's here." Also kind of like saying "Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die." but not quite that dire-sounding. I'm rambling.

Anyhow, sure sorry to hear about Don's son.


youyong28 said...

Hi Jesse,
What a tragic end to a sad story. I wonder what the motive was in his slaying. I wish I could send Don a personal note, but I suppose he will read the comments here and hopefully be comforted by the fact that many people have heard about this tragedy beyond his local area and hope that Don will be able to move on when he is ready.
In Buddhism we say that Donnie is a Bodhisattva. His sacrifice helps all of us appreciate life. It will also make people more aware of the dangers that can be lurking and be more careful. His unfortunate death will help other people avoid a similar fate.
Your friends know the depths of your sensitivity and caring. We know that you write this blog to entertain us (and occasionally teach us something). We all thank you for your efforts. Do not think for a moment that your blog isn't a day brightener for many people.


Don said...

My thanks to each of you for your concern. My son was beaten to death for the sum of $300 - a picture I can not seem to get out of my mind right now. Jesse, thank you for the kind post - you have nothing to feel guilty about. I thank heaven there is some good news out there to share and welcome it. This truly is the essence of what we call life. I only ask that each of you take a few moments to reach out and cherish the ones you love - show and tell them you love them. In this regard I have no regrets - my son knew how much my daughter and I loved him (we said it and showed it daily) - it was an unconditional love we shared. The last words I said to my son were "I Love You - Have Fun Fishing!" Take the time to be sure your loved ones are as aware.

Sancho said...

I know all our thoughts go out to Don, a parent should never have to outlive their child.

And I also don't consider (and don't think you should either) your blog or anything you do to be flippancy. You bring happiness, fun, joy, or even just a smile to many people (including, I'm sure, Don). This is a gift and a talent that not many folks are capable of doing! Imagine a world where tragedies like this happen but everyone is somber and serious all the time. That is not somewhere I'd ever like to live. Never second guess yourself gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I hope the fact that so many of us are thinking of you and wishing you well will comfort you in the days to come. Remember its not the length of our lives that is important, but the quality of our lives that matter. It would appear that your son had an excellent quality of life. All I can add is that I wished Pennsylvania had the death penalty so that these evil people will never have an opportunity to commit such a heinous act again.

Your Friend Jimmy

carmel said...

That is such a sad story. So senseless. Condolences to Don and all his friends and family...

Don said...


Continue what you are doing as you are doing it. There was a time when I could not even go on-line as it felt like all the posts were "frivolous" and an insult to my son and what I was going through - as you mentioned in your previous blog about me. I was in such pain and the world kept going on as if nothing had happened - and I was very angry. I am over that now (OK, for the most part I am over it) and actually want and need to see life to go on - I need to see others embracing the joy of life as you do so well and as my son did. Never feel bad about what you do. There are so many parts to what we call "life" and you are one of those good parts. It will take time before I will not feel some anger at times but that too will pass (I pray). You have been a huge support to me and I want everyone to know that. My personal thanks for helping me survive this hellish ordeal.


Tiana said...

Jesse im Don's grandaughter and donnie's niece thank you so much for caring. i cried when grandpa showed me your blog. thank you again.