Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pre-production Finals!

Casting is nearly finished. Locations locked. We need your help for the last big/little details!

Want to be a part of it? Credit, cameo, and branding opportunities are available!

Being low budget, we couldn't do it without you! Looking for assistance in the following areas:


Airlines miles (or a plane ticket). We've cast this stud, and are bringing him out from LA. To find out more about why he's the absolute perfect pick for the go-go fag stag in the script, check out the steamy pics/story here!
Plastic plants. Odd request---but got any we can borrow?

Are you an artist? A photographer? If you loan us your work, we can use it on the sets. Great exposure!

Costume Designer. We're looking for something fancy you've already created, to be prominently featured on mannequins in a showroom. We're also looking for a couple of items to be created, such as: a pleather catsuit for the main character! Want to make it? This will get some major play, and probably the DVD cover. Compensation offered.

We still need to lock down a Manhattan rooftop. Haven't found the perfect one yet. Looking for Midtown-esque. This is for a party scene, afternoon into the evening one day this month. We've got insurance and can pay small fees. Will need official building permission.

Nightclub Lounge. Are you an owner or manager? Know one?

Spacious 1-BR apartment in NYC. Not-too high end, and needs an open kitchen area.


Partners! We've got enough to take us through production, now looking for the final investors to bring us through post. We'd love your involvement. Be part of film history! Check out our business plan and proposal here.

If you can help out with any of the above, please write me:

Extras. Want to be an extra in the film? Most will be featured, some will get a line. Please send a picture of yourself, with contact info to:

Some particular extras we are looking for (definitely featured):
attractive black man, 30's, who cruises the females at a deli.
Very feminine gay man, any age.
Young fag hag, with her young gay boys.

Thank you in advance, I'm so grateful!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like your going to need another fluffer for this film, and as the official fluffer of 4 letter word, I'd to trow my hat in to the ring, so to speak. :)