Monday, June 29, 2009

My Feet are Still Bloody!

So what? Gold-Digging ain't easy, but it sure sparkles! The first pics are in from our NYC Gay Pride Parade 2009.

A few GoldDiggers our gorgeous hosts Xac and Anthony. They support us every year by opening their salon just for us at Pride! I'm in the dark wig, grabbing Anthony. Also appearing below are Miss Coco Chanel, and first time marcher...Fools' Gold.

Miss Gold Medál (Cooldan) was immediately re-named "Wig in Boots". Here he poses with the gorgeous "Goldie Schlager"

Wig-in-Boots alongside her morocha sister, Miss Precious Metál who honors her Latina heritage with this morocha look. Thank you, Harrison!
The stunning combo of Miss Louis Vuitton, and Goldie Standard
Coco Chanel knows how to work an Avenue!
Anita your service.
"Azteca" looking like a God! "Why are you looking so hot this year, Azteca?" He answers without a moment's hesitation: "Because I'm single this year!"
The big-money boa allowed me to ask everyone I met, "Do I look like a million bucks?!"
We made it!
The group on the stoop!
Check out Bam Bam as "Miss Goldfinger-Me". Killing me with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth. More to come from the march, but for now there's a fun group shot found at New York Magazine website.

Happy Pride!

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Loved Senorita Metal and her fabulous GoldDigger posse. Happy Pride to all.