Sunday, June 14, 2009

I have a new boyfriend!

His name is Adrian, and can I just tell you how fabulous it was finding him? It's not often you get dozens of hot guys lining up to be your boyfriend, but that's just what happened at the auditions. My writing is finally paying off!

I just got back from Adrian's place where we spent some time rehearsing - and it's a good thing Bam Bam is so chill! Actually, Bam saw Adrian's photo and said, "He's shiny--just the way I like em!" Adrian previously played the love interest of Cate Blanchett in the film, "Benjamin Button" where she totally tongued him. My turn!

"I was Cate Blanchett's boyfriend," he tells me. "And now I'm yours." Not exactly an upward move in the acting world, but I just love the sound of that.


Sancho said...

Oh my, lucky you! He is sexy, not unlike yourself =)

Anonymous said...

hmm... sounds like this rehearsal is one I would look forward to watching in the "behind the scenes" on the there were no camera's present though-