Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gone Rural!

Not that they ever were really in the city, just the suburbs, but my parents are taking a big leap!

Back in the 1980's my father built a log cabin on the banks of a river in rural Washington. He was a distance running coach, and held summer training camps for his runners. I spent much of my childhood here.

The cabin is lop-sided, is heated with a wood cook stove, and looks like it was built in the 1680's. I watched it go up. My ancestors settled the valley, so we have many local relatives that live, work and farm the area. My dad retired last year, and they have sold our family home in Beaverton.

That was okay, but what I hate to accept is that they are going to tear down the little cabin!

They've drawn up plans to have a house built on the property, where they will live out their days.
"You don't have to tear down old memories to make new ones," I told them. But when I get over my shock and sadness I realize I'm very proud of my parents for taking that leap and moving up to the middle of nowhere. They're sort of kind of almost a little bit Bohemian.

Go Mom & Dad!!!


Anonymous said...


I feel your pain of losing your boyhood vacation cabin. When my parents told me they had sold our summer home in the Catskill Mountains, I immediately felt a sick feeling in my stomach. It was like losing a long time loved one and realization that a part of my life had ended. But I had to accept that certain things are beyond my control. At times like this, its important to look forward not backwards. I guess its true, there comes a time when Grandma must die.

Your Friend Jimmy

carm said...

i felt the same way when grampa was going to tear down the hundred year old barn. he didn't. yay!