Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fruit Fly Casting Complete

...And here they are! Thanks to all who auditioned. It was a truly surreal experience to see actors making the lines I wrote come to life. We saw so many talented actors, it was really a tough show to cast! Here's a partial list of the leads in the upcoming "Bye Bye, Fruit Fly" (working title).

Starring as VIOLET, the lead Fruit Fly, is Mindy Cohn.
In the 80's, Mindy played "Natalie" on the sit-com Facts of Life. I spoke with her for the first time the other night. She totally gets it! She knows this is an outrageous and raunchy comedy, with humanity at its heart. Mindy is a doll, a committed friend of the gays, and also a brave actress because we put this character through the RINGER. I mean it. Seriously, you will see!

The first thing Mindy said was, "The script is phenomenal, and we are going to have a tickle making this!" Yes, a tickle! She will be flying out from LA, and we are thrilled to have her.

Also flying out from LA is soap star turned stripper Marcus Patrick. He loves to take his clothes off, and we love it when he does! In the film, he will play steamy, secretive Go-Go God "Zeus".

Starring as Violet's co-worker, the glamorous guru SALOME, is gorgeous Kim Allen

My slutty Luke is back for more, as Violet's roommate.

Luke's lust interest is....dancer/actor/model Adrian Armas
JR Rolley returns for thirds, reprising his role of DEREK:
Casper Andreas' character Markus returns from Slutty Summer...gone gayby crazy!

His long term boyfriend, the former-model Tyler, will be portrayed by sexy Sam Whitten
Donna, the lesbian designer...meet Andrea CirieThat's just a partial list. I didn't realize until it came to casting--just how many characters there are in this film. Lots more to come--including a fun cameo by Hedda Lettuce, a hilarious turn by Margret Echeverria, and lots of hot boys in their underwear...or less!

If you'd like to be an extra (most are featured spots), and are in the NYC area over the next few weeks, we can use you! Please email a pic & contact info to: production@embrem.com

Shooting begins this weekend! Want to own a part of it? We are looking for the final few investors to take us through post. Check out our business plan and proposal here!


The Blackout Blog said...

Exciting to see this come together! Keep us posted (of course you will)!

youyong28 said...

This is some cast! All the guys are beautiful (especially you ) and Mindy Cohn is an excellent choice for the lead. She's talented, funny, and obviously a really good sport. I can't wait!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Great looking cast. Glad JR is back as Derek and of course Casper as Marcus. And was there any doubt about the raunch factor with slutty Luke involved ?
And the actor playing that role ... is he experienced enough?

carmel said...

i loved the facts of life!!

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Gosh, you sure do lead a fun, exciting and amazing life. How do you do it? Movienut

Sancho said...

The plot is amazing, the cast is amazing, this movie is going to fabulous! I can't wait!

MySoCalledGayLife.com said...

Hi Jesse,

Looking forward to see the results :)

Loved Slutty summer and A four letter word!

Keep us posted!


Dennis said...

Hi Jesse,

Auditioning for you and Casper was a blast. I'm so excited I could scream. The truth is I haven't stopped screaming since I heard I landed the role of Bradleigh. I look forward to working with you and the wonderful talents you've assembled.

Make it happen!

Dennis Hearn

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Dennis! You are gonna knock Bradleigh out of the park! You're perfect, I wish we had a scene together :)