Thursday, June 18, 2009

First photos from the set of the film!

Due to scheduling conflicts, we've lost the roles of both "Hung Stranger" and "The Hugger" in the same 24 hour period! I'm serious. The Hugger is being re-cast, but we're on the hunt for a Hung Stranger. I'll be auditioning with my tonsils until we find the perfect replacement!

Remember Selznick's exhaustive search for Scarlett O'Hara? Nothing compared to our quest to find a Manhattan rooftop for our opening scene. Oh, and if you or someone you know owns or manages a Manhattan restaurant and would like it to be featured in a scene in the film...holler!

We've had hang ups, including losing locations and scenes that need to be picked up, but what we've shot looks gorgeous--I've got to hand it to the crew, interns, PA's, volunteers, friends, and all our unsung heroes.

Mindy Cohn is delicious, and constantly cracking up the crew. She's constantly pitch perfect as our lead, "Violet", even when doing a scripted face-plant into the stairs at Central Park:

...Or Glammed up with director Casper Andreas
....Playing in the park with Jesse...
Here's Sam Whitten as "Riley" (the character formerly known as Tyler)
Adrian Armas as "Darian", Luke's love interest, in at work in his salon---shot on location at XacAnthony Spa
When my Luke (right) steps out, he takes a tumble with Alex Quiroga's "Hottie"


Don said...

Looks like great fun - wish I were there to watch!! The trials and tribulations will all be worth it - makes for a better picture and a stronger you (have to believe in something right)!


Chad Darnell said...

I am so happy for you Jesse!

SS said...

Great photos!!!
I wanna see more!!

Anonymous said...

Jesse, This is all very exciting!But, for your NEXT film (and I am sure there will be one, or two?), why not come West?, (not Oregon or Utah). I can promise you no end of actors, volunteers, crew, script editors, locations etc. Here, it is a given. After all, variety is the spice and so on.....

MRIX MUZIK said...

We've been asked to contribute to the music of this INCREDIBLE film! Being DIE HARD Facts Of Life fanatics is going to make this project ridiculously exciting!

Bye Bye Fruit Fly or Violet Tendencies is going to be cutting edge!

Be on the look out for songs on the soundtrack from our new band... Candy Apple Blue!

Anonymous said...

Gasp!I cant believe you got "Nathalie" in your movie!
well done mister :)

MRIX MUZIK said...

Hey Jesse... We are sure we will make you happy! The new song is coming out GRAND!

Jesse Archer said...

Yee-haw, thanks Hoyt!!!