Monday, June 08, 2009

Adult Baby on the Prowl!

In the Duane Reade pharmacy up on Lexington Avenue I was waiting to pay for toothpaste and saw some xeroxed snaps behind the counter of thieves to look out for!

One was a man, photographed from a security camera in an aisle of the store. On this xeroxed pic it was written, "He goes for the Baby Formula". That is genius. I envision him waddling up to the aisle, pacifier in mouth, stuffing jars of baby formula down his plus size diaper.

When I got up to pay, I mentioned it to the checkout girl. "That's some kind of fetish," I said, and upon closer inspection I noticed that beside "He goes for the Baby Formula" was written, "He is dangerous!"

So of course I had to ask about that and the checkout girls says, "He attacks!"

"The baby formula?"

"Us!" she shrieked.

Adult infants these days. Completely unmanageable.


BearChub4U said...

Was the picture of him wearing a diaper? Just because he goes for "baby formula" doesn't mean that it's for him. He could have a hungry baby at home that he can't afford to buy the formula for, so he steals it. Remember, breeders create those things called "BABIES" that wear diapers and drink formula too. :-) Take off your lavender glasses honey! hehehe...

Plenty O'Toole said...

I bet he wasn't breast fed.