Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This is Why You're Fat!

Here's a cone of bacon (the "Bacone") filled with country gravy, scrambled eggs, and a biscuit! American's are known for their inventiveness, and when it comes to inventive cuisine....oh, Sheila!
I just fell in love with the site This Is Why You're Fat "Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks."

Take a gander---which one of you could resist the "Circus Waffle" (topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and Capn' Crunch!), or how about some action with the "Cornhole!" -- A Corn on the cob wrapped in bacon, hot dogs, cheese sticks and ground beef!

It boggles the mind, shocks the digestive tract, and inspires the imagination. It's all there, all-American.


Michael said...

I've been shaking my head all week since I saw that Dominos is selling Pasta in a Bread Bowl.

AJ said...


Now I know where you get your energy to burn for those Monday night escapades. How many "Bacones" and "Circus Waffles" do you eat on Mondays?

Augh!!! I just had a heart attack by looking at the "Bacone!!"

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

It's appropriate that one of those food obscenities is called "The Cornhole."
I think the term may have originated here in the South, as a colloquial verb for anal sex - as in:

"You're gonna get cornholed tonight for sure, good buddy."

I guess whoever named that thing knew what they were doing.

Jesse Archer said...

Yes, Tony---because after devouring a "cornhole" aren't you just dying for anal sex?