Friday, May 08, 2009

There and Back Again

I'm afraid to post an entry after that last one. Whatever follows that post will inevitably be trite.

So I'll stick to some recent, random observations:

Business is bad! I went running today and saw the Psychic on Avenue D is offering to tell your future for $3! Why do I see in my crystal ball....her imminent eviction notice?

My friends Ian and Remy leave today for San Francisco. They are, wait, they were Cooldan's roommates and they were here when I got here and for the entire time I've been here they've been part of my foundation. It was a sad breakfast today when I said goodbye for the last time.

Have you heard the latest Pet Shop Boys? Yes! There's a sampler here. It's amazing---a lot of the album has a sort of 60's pop feel, which I guess makes sense now that HAIR is back on Broadway. There's also one track, "The Way It Used to Be" which is beautifully ethereal and haunting and vaguely reminiscent of another PSB great, "Being Boring."

A girlfriend recently told me she jerked off a Hare Krishna monk in Union broad daylight! I said I thought monks couldn't get jerked off, and she said "Yeah, the other monks told him it's time for him to go get married." I didn't know monks got married, either.

In other religious news, I ran past a parked Church van that had a scripture emblazoned upon it. It was from the bible, from Proverbs, and it read "Trust with your whole heart upon the Lord, and do not look to thine own understanding." Again, religion is anti-human. Honestly, where religion ends...God begins.

I realized recently that I'm a professional gay. I know what you're thinking: he just figured it out? But it was kind of a revelation. Being a professional gay is getting boring. It's kind of sad to see that your life is just one big reaction. It makes me wonder what I would've done or been if society did not/does still try to tell me what I could not be and who I could not be attracted to.

Maybe I should figure that out and do it.


Anonymous said...

a professional gay? i think not . . . just a gaylebrity (columnist, actor, author, and member of the out 100).

hugs from the desert,


Bob said...

You are much more than a "professional gay". You're a man with a heart, the best and most important kind. And you're talented, handsome, sexy, smart, insightful, dependable, and a host of other things. You are a gay celebrity and a man that reminds the rest of us to be proud and happy about who we are. In other words, you're our friend.

Jesse Archer said...

Awwwww, thanks friends! You're making me blush ;)

Eddie in OKC said...

Thanks for the PSB review. "Behavior" is and always will be the one album that best captures my feelings and moods of coming out and into my own. Ah, salad days ...