Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living With Bam

What do a relationship and a hockey game have in common? The penalty box!

Bam recently threw his blue jeans outside for the homeless (nyc recycling). They weren't an old pair of jeans so I asked why they were being tossed. "Because they don't give me any ass."

I said, "Don't blame that on the jeans!"

When I realized this was rather rude, I tried to kiss and make up but Bam was having none of it. "You're in the sin bin!" he said.

In the sin-bin, I can't talk to or touch him. "For how long?" "Five minutes"

The difference between us is that Bam Bam actually enjoys being in the sin-bin! Because, he says, he can finally get some work done without me hanging all over him. The next morning, when he was emptying out his bag, I saw a Netflix movie in there all sealed and ready to go.

If you get Netflix, you know it's kind of an unspoken competition: how fast can you watch them, mail them back, and deplete your queue? "You were supposed to mail that days ago!"

"I forgot," he said unapologetic. "That's it....You're going in the sin bin for this."

"How long?" asks Bam. "3 hours? Please?"


Jeremy said...

I love the idea of the sin bin...I totally need one with my boo! Hope to see you this weekend in NYC...will be staying at the loft with Paulie!

Jesse said...

Will totally see you before you leave, Jeremy!! xoxo

The Blackout Blog said...

Damnit, what size does he wear! I've been doing squats for speedo season.