Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kit Kat Klub

Last time in Berlin, I met this incredible tranny at the Kit Kat Klub named Flo. Flo was in her fifties or so, and she was wearing this wild outfit using measuring cups for tits. I'm like, "Nice tits!" and she looks down at them, thoroughly amused, and tells me, "I invented them!" She went on to say, "In life, I believe you should make one invention per day."

There you have it, wisdom for the ages!

Of course it was like noon on a Sunday day, and I'd been there since 5 am when I left the best club in the world, Berghain. Well, I thought perhaps I'd be visiting Berlin again really soon, like this month. That's not happening. But anyway, I had written Flo to see if she was around and to check if we could meet and catch up. She wrote back, just the other day, that she's been looking for me each weekend at the Kit Kat, adding: The divan on which David Bowie had sex with Romy Haag here is waiting for its second visitor.

Go Flo! I wonder what will be invented on that?

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carmel said...

your episode of celeb apprentice is on right now in australia!!!