Monday, May 04, 2009

Her Foot Thought it was a Thumb

Remember last year, when the stain on my comforter won the Kentucky Derby? I got a goose egg, too. That was quite a doozy of a blog entry. This year, my friend Becky was gracious enough to invite me back to her spectacular southern comfort-inspired annual Derby party! Thanks, Big Red!
Our fabulous host Becky, poses with a pitcher of her famous Juleps
Fuck it! Wayne says yes to haberdashery garnished with a sweatshirt.

Derby spectating is hard work. Fortunes are on the line!
She's cool as a cucumber, in a world of cottonfields
This dashing gent arrived in full fox-hunting regalia!

A tip of the hat!
In the south, a pinky finger must never touch the julep.

Mine the bird?
Matt gets a front row seat to the action.

My friend Coppelia, who I met in Namibia (while she was in the Peace Corps) was visiting NYC, so she came along to the Derby Part and in an effort to be close to the beer supply, she spent the better part of the day sitting in the splits.

Always good times with Coppelia. The last time we saw one another was on a Booze Cruise on the Zambezi River where instead of looking at the wildlife (you would be really grossed out by the hippos---it's like 116 orifices twitching underwater---I'm just sayin') we actually became the wildlife. It was "all-u-can-drink" so we like to dub that little adventure Bankruptin' the Booze Cruise.

It ended like this:
Align CenterThe Zambezi River, Zambia, through my glass darkly.

But back to the Kentucky Derby! I've got an excellent footnote.

I complimented this pretty belle on her shoes, noting that they were an excellent marriage of both Aladdin and Anna Pavlova. "It's ballet meets Beirut," I went on, and she noted that not only were they all THAT, but they were comfortable and she knows comfortable shoes because she had foot surgery. "What kind of surgery?" I asked.
"I had a Chevron wire (I'm sure she said this, Chevron, like the service station) put in between two bones in my foot."
"So why the wires, did you break your bone or something?"
"The bone was missing to begin with," she went on.
Noting the look of mint-julep infused confusion all over my face, she added.
"My foot thought it was a thumb." Ok!!!

Who said feet can't have dreams?

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AJ said...

Hi Jesse,

Great pictures. Didn't see you though. Did you win big at the Derby?