Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got the Greenlight!

The Fruit Fly Film is on the march! We've begun location scouting and casting in NYC, and are tentatively scheduling a late-June shoot! If you haven't seen, there's a poll on the right upper hand of this blog you can take to help us with my script's title.

I'm so appreciative of all your support, both financial and moral, through this whole process. We've raised enough money to cover production, but are still looking for the final investors to bring it through post. Check out our business plan and proposal here.

If you have a location (we need bedrooms, photo studios, restaurants! Etc...) we can use to film, want to design clothing, are interested in being an extra (please send a photo), or have a labradoodle puppy we can use (Ha!)....please write us: production@embrem.com.

Looking forward to getting this show on the road!



Sancho said...

I get excited every time you write something new about the movie! Hope it all goes smoothly and maybe I'll run across you shooting in the city!

carmel said...

i have all my mommie queerest costumes, plus LOADS more - you can use all of them. The only catch...they are here in australia... is that a problem Jesse?
good luck with the filming and i hope you premiere it down here - we'll catch up for a drink or sixty... hee!