Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geometric Armageddon!

Headed south to Pensacola with friends for the long weekend. Disaster struck!

It''s a big gay weekend down south...but the weather was not cooperating. It stormed, it rained, it blew...oh how it blew! On Pensacola Beach, everyone stakes out a piece of sand and sets up enormous tents for the holiday party weekend...but when they came back after a stormy Friday, all tents were overturned or washed away. Nothing like stepping on tent-poles in the surf!

Tent City Carnage! Pensacola Memorial Weekend 2009
Saturday was still no good. The weather sucked, and still the ever-industrious gays persisted. They kept attempting to set up their tents versus the elements, kept putting up rainbow leis and sticking pink flamingo garden ornaments into the sand, despite the winds. It all seemed futile, and I kept wondering: can't they do like they do on every other beach in the world and settle for just a towel?

The Pensacola gay bar down is called Emerald City...and all the friends of Dorothy have to tromp past frickin' protesters to get in! There was literally a wall of bible maniacs with bullhorns yelling at us. In between the scripture quoting, one of them boomed, "Have you ever read the bible?" and one young whippersnapper piped up (insert southern accent here), "I've read the bible..and it said to suck my dick, bitch!"

These are my sentiments exactly...but for once I didn't say a thing. I just took it all in. It seems so...archaic. It makes me wonder--has there ever been an occasion where someone entering a gay bar heard all that fire and brimstone and said to themselves, "I have heard the word of god! I'm not going into that bar!" Yeah, no. We just keep going into the bars. We just keep putting up the tents in spite of the storm.

Then yesterday, the supreme court of California upheld Prop 8 and said that YES, the people can vote away the rights of a minority. I think of the storm in Pensacola, and the protestors, and the fact we just have to keep on persisting and never settle. Our day will come. As they say, the arc of history is long---but it bends toward justice. Hang on.

The tents eventually did stay set-up, frilly decorations colored the beach, and the sun did shine in Pensacola.

Sunday was gorgeous.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Too bad about the weather in Pensacola.

Also too bad about the bible maniacs. One wonders what book that whippersnapper thinks is the bible: "The Joy of Gay Sex"?

Kid probably couldn't read well enough to tell the difference and thought the pictures demonstrating fellatio in "Gay Sex" were a vision from heaven.

As for the Prop 8 ruling, the California Supreme Court has put itself in the totally illogical position of both affirming the right to same-sex marriage and supporting tyranny of the majority as represented by the Prop 8 vote: a unequivocally clear violation of the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.
Can you say US Supreme Court case?

The Blackout Blog said...

we just have to keep on persisting and never settle. Our day will come.So true. Gays always want to compare to the Civil Rights Movement, but that started in slavery, really. Centuries later, blacks have de jure equality, but the de facto reality is far from it.

Sure, we had a defeat in one state, but this is a long battle, and we'll come out on top in the end. We just have to keep fighting and give it time.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jesse. If I saw a bunch of intolerant Bible-thumpers protesting in front of a gay bar, I would be much more incline to patronize that bar.

Your friend Jimmy

youyong28 said...

A very interesting trip. It's a shame that people are so deluded, but that's what it is. People are scared into believing these things from a very young age and are unable to think for themselves. You were right in not letting these people bother you. (Maybe the book I gave you has influenced you a little?)

carmel debreuil said...

i was wondering where you were!! hey listen, jesse, i grew up in the bible belt of canada and they hated anyone who was different. it's so frustrating that some "christians" think that judging the world is part of their job

and those who are against gay marriage are the same mindset who were against other minorities having equal rights for years (women, african americans, native americans, etc) but it does change...eventually...don't stop believing sunshine! there are lots of people who do believe and one day our numbers will change the world...
ps hahahahahaha that camping weekend was a disaster! good on you for persevering! lol

pps great to have you back in blog land, brother!

barrie said...

Hey Jesse -

Having lived in Pensacola for 10 years I can tell you that the vast majority of those protesters are not from the area. They are bussed in Pensacola Christian Academy/College--an institution very much akin to Bob Jones University.

In the years that I lived there I cannot tell you how many conflicted, f@cked-up, gay boys I met that had been produced by that place.

Glad you had one good day. :)