Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dinner with the Duke...

...And Queen Celebrity Apprentice. If Trump knows what's good for him!

Room 702 reunited last night at dinner with poker champ Annie Duke. Yay! I decided we should go up to Hell's Kitchen to the restaurant "Room Service" because, you know, that's how we met her on the show. Sadly, nobody got the irony except for her boyfriend Joe!

Tomorrow she'll go in for the finale vs. Joan Rivers to see who's the next Celebrity Apprentice. Being a professional gay, I know why people love Joan. The woman is hysterical, but Annie has played the game better and she never stooped to disparage anyone. As Annie puts it, "I went into the show thinking: I'm here to play the game and I challenge you all to beat me." Nobody has!

We also got some delicious dish on Melissa Rivers, Joan's spoil-sport daughter who, when she lost, had a tantrum and ran out screaming "Whore-pit Vipers!" Behind the scenes, in the episode in which we all appear---at the hotel---the celebrities were forced to clean the rooms before the guests arrived and Melissa had to clean the toilet. This demeaning chore infuriated her so much that she freaked out at the producers. Annie told us she whined, "I'm calling my agent!" and did! After, Melissa screeched to the producers, "My WILLIAM MORRIS...says that he's never sending another of his clients to your show if you don't treat us better!!!"

First off, who cares that your agent is from William Morris and second---you entitled bitch---it's not a violation of your 8th amendment rights. the rest of the world has all had to clean a toilet at one point in our lives. But I suppose that's why we love Celebrity Apprentice, right? We get to watch famous people endure the cruel and unusual punishment of living like proletariats.

Can't wait to watch Annie tomorrow night. She claims Trump loves Joan, but we shall see what we shall see....tomorrow night (live)! Oh, by the way, Annie's boyfriend Joe is a hilarious actor. After dinner they headed to catch STAR TREK, but Room 702 carried on. And on and on...

Getting creative. Joe and Annie...and in the middle it's me & Matt.
Wayne and Becky
Room Service! Becky, Jesse, Annie Duke, Matt, Joe Reitman, Wayne
Jesse & Wayne, pensive
Of COURSE we hit up Marie's Crisis to belt out (off-key) showtunes!
Please note the big set of lipstick lips on my cheek. Thanks, Big Red!
A beautiful lesbian wants to play. The Boiler Room---which has shockingly raised their prices from $3 to $3.50 cocktails. Hey, Boiler Room, these recessionistas aren't afraid to find better bargains in the form of a flask!

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