Thursday, May 14, 2009

Casting, it's nothing personal!

Just finished the first day of casting my illustrious upcoming film! It was a very, very full day and you always wish for the next person to walk through the door to be totally PERFECT for the role.

Having gone to auditions before, it's really odd to be on the other side and see---it's nothing personal! We saw a ton of great people today, and we'll call back a lot. A lot more we won't see again and it's not that they didn't read great. So much of it is the look, and so much more is any other variable you can think of. Not the right age, not the right race, face, weight. You name it.

I'd say it's 90% all those external factors. More or less you know the minute they walk into the room whether or not it's gonna work out for said role. So to all those talented hopefuls out there, don't ever take it personal. Keep on putting yourself out there, it's kind of like dating. Honestly.


Don said...

As always - very well put and great that it is so encouraging to aspiring entertainers. Have had some involvement with interviewing perspective faculty members (I know way different) and the same is true - about 90% of the time you would know within about 5 minutes if they would be a good fit for the job. None were that bad - just not a fit for the institution, other faculty, students, position, etc. (OK, some were real bad - not everyone can teach like not everyone can act!)

Well Said Jesse,


AJ said...

Hi Jesse,

Never is easy to decide who should get role or position is it? I used to head interview committees and make recommendations for hiring of educational personnel. Tried everything. . .use of scale, licensure, educational criterion, etc. etc. Always tried to be objective. As you said, nothing personal, but to make a decision always agonizing and difficult.