Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Warp me, baby

My virtual friend Brice, from London, is getting practice with photoshop and I got to be his guinea pig. I have no idea when this photo is from (he found it on Flickr), but I like it much better played with!

Exhibit A) The plastic-wrap effect: Although it looks more like the drowning-underwater effect which is really cool, because I always wanted to play Ophelia.

Exhibit B) the cut-up effect. Approaching Warhol. I look so much better without pores.
Exhibit C) The film grain effect: To shadow flaws and accentuate the 5 o'clock shadow. Grrr.
Exhibit D) The glowing edges effect. Did you know the guy who invented acid lived to 105? He last dropped acid when he was in his late 90's because he was depressed. But after all you've done TO me, Brice, what would you add? What kind of props do I get?

Since we're talking photo shop, I should really also toss in Cooldan's latest. He recently returned from the rainforests of Queensland, Australia where he got naked in waterfalls, avoided man-eating crocodilies, and survived to get back to NYC and create this self-portrait.

Rub-a-dub, dub!


Don said...

Jesse, You would look good "warped", "wrapped" or anything!! If the "peeps" did no damage than this can not hurt at all!!!

Anonymous said...

the first one...bukake???

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Exhibit D : totally hallucinatory. Looks like you're on the astral plane - FAR OUT!

Reassuring that Cooldan seems to have maintained good personal hygiene by bathing regularly on his trip.

Brice said...

Funny! I thought the plastic wrap looked more like underwater too. May I play Hamlet to your Ophelia?

I don't know about adding stuff. I should leave that to the talented and capable hands of Mr. Cooldan. But I'll try. That's why I love you Jesse Archer . . . you push me.

Thomas said...


The photo is from 2007 gay pride. Here's a link to the photo on my flickr page: