Monday, April 13, 2009

Juliette Lewis..un-caged!

Just spent a couple nights on the penthouse set of the upcoming film "The B*aster". Tell you what--honestly---I never liked Jennifer Aniston. Maybe that's because I'm a hard core player for Team Jolie because I think Jolie really just takes Auntie Mame's sage advice and frickin' LIVES---whereas all I ever read about la Aniston is her whinging around her mansion in Malibu about how life sucks. But...I've changed my opinion.

I need to stop reading tabloids! She's not a diva, she's actually sweet. She's a girly girl, sure, but a good one. And you may think I can't know if she's a good girl or not just by standing beside her for a few hours over a couple of nights, but believe me---try it. You can tell a whole hell of a lot about a person when you're standing beside them all night. And the girl is cool.

The other actress in this film is Juliette Lewis who I totally adore, especially Hysterical Blindness ("Can you see now, Deb?!") and as a person she is totally different from Aniston. In fact, the only thing they share is, awkwardly enough, a history with Brad Pitt!!!

So Juliette Lewis walks onto set at about 4:30 in the morning for her scene. Walk is the wrong word. She bursts onto set. She's got dark hair with bangs and is wearing a purple dress and body glitter and she's supposed to dance over to Jason Bateman and do some ad-lib. His character is depressed at this point in the party. We do a rehearsal...and they are going to make up dialogue on the spot.

On "action" Juliette--yes, sparkling!--dances up to Jason Bateman and booms, out of left field, "So I have this recurring vision of you in a Mariachi suit on the edge of a cliff and...I just don't know what that means."

Jason Bateman looks at her blankly.

Juliette carries on, "...I thought you liked me."

"I did," he deadpans, "Before the bangs."

Without cracking, she takes this and asks, "So how long have you been spokesman for Zoloft?"

The director says cut! And Juliette blurts to the director and the entire room, "That was just a rehearsal--right? You weren't shooting that were you??......Because I was caging the magic."

OK!! She was caging the magic! Juliette Lewis is my new favorite person.

Then someone on set had to tell me she was a Scientologist and I started to think less of her. Damn. Got to stop reading the tabloids!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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