Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jesse & Bam Bam walkabout

Cooldan has got this great knack for 21st century portraits---with photoshop. I think he's got quite a future in this medium when I see the random things he comes up with. Like the one of himself bursting out of a martini glass. He takes a photo, and then just adds his imagination. Recently, he put one together of me & Bam Bam.

Jesse & Bam Bam are...PARCHED!

We were on Fire Island initially. But now we're stranded in some kind of Terry Gilliam-land. Not sure what he's trying to say with the desert and the lizards and ships that can't go anywhere. But it's pirate-groovy!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Maybe Cool Dan was trying to say you guys are HOT, not parched. Note Bam's beverage. Hope he gave you some.

Eddie in OKC said...

Exhibit A - why I can't attend a pool party with you.

stephen said...

wow.. you guys are one hot couple! you go guys!

Z said...

LOVE IT! Dan did a GREAT job!