Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I know why you come here!

Frozen Dildos, Spanking Adult Babies, and Blowjob Classes. Those are the top three internet searches that lead directly to my blog!

What's left to lay claim to? I'm so glad I can satisfy this unquenchable desire for the freak show. I am a veritable steward of sundry smut! So since you've all been sated, I now ask of you!

You thought you'd heard the end of fundraising for my new film, right? Oh, the end is near! And I can't wait! We've created the LLC for "Fruit Fly Films" and have raised over half the budget. Almost there!

Keep in mind, "Bye Bye, Fruit Fly" is the follow up to independent hits Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word so as we like to say, this investment is more solid than the stock market! Check out our business plan and proposal here, and be part of our family. I'd love your involvement, dear readers!

Oh, if you have a relatively large office space or apartment in NYC that we can use free of charge next week for casting (you could watch all the magic begin) please write me: jesse@jesseonthebrink.com.

Several of you have already come forward and become investors. Several more have sent financial support, and others have volunteered their services. Thank you all so very much! I knew I meant far more to you than just a peppy purveyor of provocative adult babies getting spanked...



Anonymous said...

If you need help with your casting, I've got a great couch ;)

xo Cam

Eddie in OKC said...

we also come, perchance, to see pics of you butt up in tubs or twirling in hot pants. sometimes we're lucky.