Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flags of the Future?

If we keep evolving; if we (the species) survive, in which ways we may evolve? When, one day, quiet spirituality replaces religious dogma we may one day focus on what we share in common rather than what divides us. For some reason I foresee a future where humans don't associate themselves with their nations.

Today we can't imagine a world without radical patriotism. We're brought up to consider our country as ourselves--an identity as fierce (and sometimes as foolish) as a sports team fanatic.

I know it sounds like treason, but try to imagine a world where we didn't refer to ourselves as Americans or as Swiss or as Pakistani, but rather citizens of the planet. All working together it? We may have to. Maybe there are more important things than nations and property and "holy" or "promised" lands? Maybe we will all be peaceful nomads--because isn't it being sedentary that breeds extreme religion, patriotism, and...lethargy of mind?

Perhaps one day we'll go back to the idea that we belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us? I remember the native Americans couldn't understand white people, and their absolutely absurd idea of owning the earth!!???

Am I totally off my head here? Can anyone else picture some version of this?

Of course to achieve this there are major obstacles. The whole planet would have to be free---we are proud of our homes because first and foremost we are FREE. Then we'd have to kill avarice. We would also have to have evolved beyond the brutish force of superstition and small minds that has historically mass-murdered the free-thinkers, radicals and subversives who would surely have advanced us all a lot sooner.

If that kind of future is in store, it's a long way off.


Don said...

If we are to survive this is not a bad version of what the future must be - if we survive! And if we do make it, you are so right, that future seems so vary far off - not sure the earth will let us occupy space here that much longer. We have yet to learn that not all things can wait for us to realize where we have gone astray.

Anonymous said...


What will YOU take on in the next week to help bring this future forth?

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

You are so NOT off your head here. May we all hope to evolve so that some semblance of your vision comes to pass.

You’re absolutely right that to get there, the planet needs to be free: from suppression, superstition, dogma, blind allegiance to tribe and nation; but also from crippling poverty and starvation.

I think the need to avoid those last two conditions makes it impossible for large numbers of our fellow human beings to think in terms of anything other than the struggle to survive.

And much poverty and desperation can be laid at the feet of those who exploit their fellow man out of greed or the desire for power, which I think stems from the view that life is a zero sum game: “if I don’t grab the food, the water, the oil, the diamonds, someone else will and I won’t thrive.”

So besides freedom, we need to strive for justice, keeping in mind, as you suggest, that we are all equally dependent on this earth, our fragile island home.

Thanks for an eloquent and heartfelt post. Will the editors at OUT let you develop these ideas for a column? They should.

Jesse said...

Hi Guys--Tony, thanks for asking. I'd love to develop these ideas. OUT gives me free reign but the thing is I have to write for a specifically gay audience and this just isn't it.

Anonymous, in the next week? I guess I should think about breeding!

Don said...

Too bad you are not able to pursue this with a much larger audience. Not sure breeding will be fast enough to save the planet!!

Thanks for a really great thought provoking post - more should read it.

Jesse Archer said...

Hey Don--
Well here's another idea: perhaps we can file a class action suit against the government to allow us to travel to Cuba? That's a beginning...