Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dolly Parton new RACK...of hits!

The sun is out and people are (gasp!) actually wearing short sleeves. That's a first this year--and it took til April 18! What am I doing in New York City? It's a question that often passes through my mind. But then I have an incredible night at a fancy 103 year old restaurant and a fabulous Broadway show---courtesy of a brand new friend (thank you, AJ!) and suddenly I remember why I'm here! Why would I ever leave? For

9 to 5 on Broadway is a bubbly infectious thing. It's hits and tits! Written by the reputed nicest person in fame, and everyone's favorite Backwoods Barbie (Dolly Parton) we all want to see it succeed! It's got a few good new songs, a story that wisely sticks close to the film, and a standout cast including a pitch-perfect Megan Hilty as Doralee, and a showstopping obsequious in-l0ve-with-the-boss secretary named Roz (Kathy Fitzgerald).

To be fair, 9 to 5 felt like it went over-time. They could've shaved off a half hour and punched it up into a knockout. It's still in previews, so maybe they'll do that by the time it premieres next month and even if they don't---who's gonna complain about spending a little extra time in the 1980's?! Time to switch to Sanka!

If you're not yet convinced---check out the promo piece "Good Golly, Miss Dolly!" I wrote up for the show on Gay List Daily-- before I even saw it. Go, girl power!


Justin said...

I saw this for free on Wednesday, and am seeing it for free again tonight!

I'd caution people that you will either LOVE or HATE it.

I would call this musical Legally Blonde with shoulder pads. If you liked/ loved Legally Blonde, same will go here. If you hated it - keep away!

Also, you know you can download both Get Out and Stay Out and Shine Like the Sun online, yeh?


AJ said...

Your welcome Jesse !!

Don said...

Jesse, thanks for the review. Sounds like one to see. I did love the movie!!