Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice Hangover!

One of my favorite blogs, Towleroad, wrote about Trump's Gayest Celebrity Apprentice Ever, and linked to me and this blog. Thank's Andy! I love Towleroad. It supplies all the information I want to know about, but i have to say that it's sometimes hard to read because of the reader comments. Thankfully, I have really great readers (thank you!) but over at Towleroad the readers are soooo insanely nasty! And you know they had their claws out for me yesterday.

I just have one thing to say: I am not trying to represent you, or anyone. I'm just me!

Actually, I have another thing to say on that topic: nasty queens need to read The Velvet Rage. The tagline for this book is "Overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man's world". I recently read it, although I'd been meaning to read it forever. I've never read a book that I felt was directly addressing me, until this. It was fascinating to find out reasons behind why I suddenly explode at a check-out girl, or why I sometimes cringe when I see guys even more flaming than I am. Or to know why gay men on the whole are so outrageous, why we go to the gym all the time, decorate so meticulously, dress so fashionably, sleep with so many men: We are validation-junkies!!!

This book claims it's all an effort to hide and obfuscate the shame we've internalized---not our attraction to men---but our belief, shaped early on, that we are centrally flawed. This belief stems from growing up in a straight man's world. I think I'm going to be giving it out as gifts to all my friends at birthdays and christmas. It offers several ways to heal and become authentic, including audacious suggestions like accepting your body the way it is (gasp!). I recommend it to everyone and honestly feel that if this were required reading, gay men would start treating themselves and one another a whole lot better.

I discovered many years ago that I am gifted with a wicked power to hurt other people with my words. It never feels very good when I do this, and now I make a conscious effort to try (and sometimes fail) to use these powers for good.

But back to the Celebrity Apprentice episode! I heard from Annie Duke--that hot professional poker player who served us that night. She wrote a whole blog on her experience with us, and on that episode. I had forgotten it was one of the Presidential debate nights! Annie understands that we were just pawns in the game! A professional game player herself, that night Annie Duke offered us a tip for a first time poker player. "Don't play many hands!"

We hope to catch up with her when she comes back to NYC for the season finale...


Michael said...

Yeah, reading the comments on Towleroad ruins the experience. Sometimes, I'll cave and I always regret it.

So if I d'load "The Velvet Rage" to my Kindle and read it right now, then I don't have to run 9 miles this afternoon?

Jesse Archer said...

Basically, yes. And cancel your gym membership right now.


Mark in DE said...

Wow, that book sounds great. I want to read it, and know quite a few friends who need to read it.

Sancho said...

Glad other folks are at least talking about the episode, I thought you guys were fabulous in it, and also the "best" room in my opinion.

I think what some people forget about these "reality" shows is that they are still run by producers who WANT drama and chaos and whatnot because that means ratings! And you guys were just trying to do what the producers asked! Its not really like you were disrespectful to anyone or such (at least not in anything they showed.)

Also, I definitely need to check out that book now!

Kenneth Walsh said...

Best. Post. Ever.

packey said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Jesse Archer said...

Thanks, Kenneth! And Betty! Glad you found me :)