Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cast Interviews by Michael Buckley!

A Four Letter Word cast interviews were held by my friend Michael Buckley who has the #1 youtube station...he had to have it! Buck took time out of his furious schedule to come to one of our AFLW screenings (when was that?) and then interview the cast the next morning.

I'm glad he had energy that morning, because I look like either a) I'm really afraid of Michael Buckley, or b) I tossed back 3 pre-interview Xanax. The answer is actually c) I was hung-over!

This video is 14 minutes long so if you don't have the time to catch me, Charlie David, Alison Lane and Virginia Bryan and Casper Andreas yapping about our on-set scandals here, the whole thing is also on the DVD along with many more fun featurette "extras"! XOXO


Casper said...

So funny reading all the hundreds of comments people posted about us on buck's site! "The guy at the end looks like Holly on girls next door. Are they releated?" I guess my hair was pretty blond when we did this... xo

Don said...

Interviews are excellent but the movie is the greatest. Well worth the price of the DVD!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, Last night my partner and I watched Charlie David, writer, producer, director and star in Mulligans (DVD). It was excellent. The cast interviews were really good as well. Even my movie-hating partner sat through the entire film. He usually stalks out about a quarter of the way through most any film.

Also, Between Love and Goodbye is on my Netflix list and available May 5 on DVD. I will definitely see it at that time. Regards, Movienut.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Can I delve into a past blog a little to make a slightly related comment since Caspar said.......
Yesterday, I watched between Love and Goodbye on DVD. The acting talent, musical score, singing talent and videography were excellent. Loved the nude love scenes. It certainly kept me engrossed. My only uneasiness came during the second half because I am an incurable romantic. The scene evolved into the gritty reality of many gay relationships which never fits my "and they lived happily ever after" philosophy. Sorry, I just cannot help it. Other than that. I certainly would recommend it and watch it again. On DVD do watch the extra features as they are sure to entertain. I was especially happy with the vignette "Visit from Mormor" as once, I too had a "Mormor". I believe that may explain Caspar's Swedish accent I hope I have that right?. (except my Mormor had a Norwegian accent).
Regards. Movienut.