Monday, April 06, 2009

Carly Simon's Gay Wedding Copyright Infringement

Holy Hell! Iowa unanimously backed marriage equality! As Rachel Maddow put it, "Who'd of thought you could get married in Sioux City before you could in New York City?!" There's a great op-ed piece by Mike Alvear in the Huffington Post claiming this is good news for heterosexual marriages---one of his many reasons being that when we lessen homophobia we lessen fraudulent marriages.

I thought he meant the ones where the gay boy marries a woman so he can stay in the country with his boyfriend, since that's mostly what I see. I didn't stop to consider his (much more prevalent) point: the gays and lesbians who stifle their sexuality and get married only to ruin their life...and their suffering spouse's!

I attended my first state-side gay wedding here in New York last week (married in Connecticut, and recognized here) of my friends Pierce and Skie. They looked like two Ken Dolls up there!!

Skie & Pierce---here come the grooms!

Congratulations, guys! I wish them the best and hope they took a really long honeymoon somewhere way way way less wet than here.

I did not, you may ask, attend the exclusively black-tie reception, but I heard it was marvelous!

You all know how I feel about all that grim hogwash in the bible, but the attending priest was cool. He didn't just go through the motions, and during the service he actually took time out to mention that what he was doing was not something "political", but something right---and even took a moment to invite all present to come back to his inclusive congregation. For those interested: St. Bartholomews Episcopal.

He even invited everyone to come up and take communion. I respectfully declined, which marked the very first time I have actually turned down a drink! If I'd have known it was actual WINE and not some crappy Welch's grape juice, I would've done it! As communion was going on, there was this song playing and it was "Let the River Run", or at least I thought it was "Let the River Run" by Carly Simon. And this is not probably what I should've been thinking during communion but I have many years of experience with mind-wandering while pew-sitting, so there I was at a gay wedding, picturing Melanie Griffiths on the Staten Island Ferry--- commuting to work in that fabulous epic intro to "Working Girl"....but then the chord switched.

It wasn't the "Let the River Run" song, but the organist played this song over on a loop and YES, there was definitely a whole measure in there from "Let the River Run". I even turned to some of the gay boys in attendance and got confirmation: "Working Girl?" "Yes, Girl!" I'm thinking whoever wrote this song owes Carly Simon some copyright coin!!!

So I flip through the very elegant wedding program and find out who should be paying old Carly for this breach of copyright and then I find the name of the song:

"Arioso"----by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Okay! Carly Simon---you lifted Bach!!!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

How about that Iowa decision! The judge who wrote the opinion was appointed by a Republican governor! His argument was that prohibiting same-sex civil marriage "does not substantially further any important government objective," and so there's no logical basis for depriving gay people of the equal rights to which all citizens are constitutionally entitled.
Thanks for the link to the Mike Alvear piece. It's relevant because he offers a logical argument why same-sex marriage actually does further important governmental objectives.
But don't count on the conservative crazies or your "religious terrorists" to accept logic. The best we can hope for is that the more deranged they appear, the more they'll turn off sensible people.
And props to St. Barts Episcopal Church in Manhattan. It represents the attempts of the Episcopal Church as a whole to become more inclusive, despite objections from its own conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Iowa and now Vermont. Four down, 46 to go. Movienut

The Blackout Blog said...

We love Episcopalians, there liberal views, and their wine!

PS, the "Working Girl" story = great. I love a good classical reference/quotation in a modern piece of music.