Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thanks for your support!

A huge thanks to you who have already come on board to produce the film of my new script, now called "Bye Bye, Fruit Fly". We're about half-way there now with funding, so we're still looking for investors--you can find our proposal and business plan here. Please pass along to anyone who may be interested. Thank you, beautiful people!

To be sure, this film panders to its gay base with lots of boys...but it also highlights the plight of our tried and true ally, the indomitable fruit fly!

I'm truly so grateful for all of you who have come on board financially, as well as those who have volunteered your services for music, production assistance, and costuming. It's really exciting to know you believe in us and this project! If you haven't seen, the Hollywood Reporter picked up on our good news just the other day.

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Sancho said...

Just wanted to say congrats and good luck Jesse!