Sunday, March 08, 2009

Revenge of Google

Recently, I was up for a job I really wanted--and it's out there in the real world, and then suddenly I get nervous that, you know, they'll do the dreaded google. Then way too much truth about me will come out. I didn't get the job, and I'm not sure if it was because I was googled or not. Maybe they did see something they didn't like, and I'm reminded once again---I don't want a job where I have to hide who I am and what I've done! Even if that means I walk a narrow, narrow path.

Short of dropping off the face of cyberspace and reinventing myself with a new identity, I'm stuck with what I've done this far. I have to be okay with that.

I'm not the only one. My involvement in the film Slutty Summer is the least of my worries, but when I told director Casper Andreas about the horror that happens when I get googled, he launched into the story of the Sound Guy from Slutty Summer.

Sound Guy is straight. Sound guy was kind enough to come in and volunteer for a couple days doing the sound on Slutty Summer. Volunteer, as in he did it for free. He got credited for his work on the film and then a couple years later got a drawn out divorce from his wife. When it came time for an acrimonious custody battle, his wife told the court she should have the kids, saying her ex husband the Sound Guy was involved in gay porn, and she cited Slutty Summer!!!

Casper had to give the court the actual truth about Sound Guy, and the film. No word on who won the kids.


Anonymous said...

From bitter experience, never, never, no NEVER get involved with the courts, legal battles or attorneys for that matter. movienut p.s.
I know that is a double negative, but you get the picture.

Edina said...

Well dear Jesse, perhaps they googled the bit where you said that you've been fired from every job you ever had because of insubordination. That would arch an eyebrow at even the most progressive HR department.

You can just become an entrepreneur, and then let them google away all the fuk they want.

[PS you should delete this comment. I'm a fan + I don't want to contribute to any negative googling.]


Anonymous said...

this is the pic that comes up when you google you. lol

Anonymous said...


I know first hand what it feels like to be bypassed for a job that you know you are qualified for, due to ilrelevant reasons beyond your control. It was frustrating to lose out to lesser quailified candidates simply because they went to the "right colleges". As a result, I guess I will always harbor some resentment towards wealthy, ivy league grads.

I do like Edina's idea of you becoming an entreprenuer. Next to travel, you love the nightlife, maybe you can open a gay bar. With your personality and contacts, you should be able to pack any bar with patrons. I understand that bars tend to be recession-proof, people go out and drink to forget their woes. The old Boy Bar on Ave A is closed, it should still be operational.

It could also be a showcase for some of your other talents. You could use the bar to promote your films, book, magazine column, etc. The potential synergies are many. Of course you would need financial backers, I hope you would count me in.

Just a thought, your friend Jimmy.

Jesse Archer said...

Yeah, I deleted that bit about being fired from my bio a long time ago... yet I think somehow it's still cached somewhere!

Jimmy, thanks for the suggestion and offer of support. Very sweet!!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Sorry you didn't get that job. Props for putting yourself out there. I suppose you could query the people who didn't hire you to see why they chose someone else.
Unless it was a bank or religious institution, based on that photo "anonymous" found, they should have hired your ass in a heartbeat. Damn!

Edina said...

I don't understand cached. I really don't. I mean the author decided to delete it, probably because the subject objected to it. But still it's there. Though I've seen cached postings disappear. I don't know know why. Perhaps bribes to the folks at Google. Or maybe cached just gets jaded and forgets stuff.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?!? they should have hired based on the photo I found! I woulda!

ps i put anonymous cos i was too buggered to fill in all the shit...

Anonymous said...

at my work we have HEAPS of hot shaggy haired guys working with their pants open and their pubes showing...

oh no wait.

i don't have a job.



The Blackout Blog said...

ROFL! Carm said "buggered"!

I found Jimmy's comment interesting interesting because I feel like now school names are more irrelevant, and experience is what they're looking for. Unless the hiring supervisor went to the school in question.

And, finally, this post reminded me of one of my fav songs from '08:

Don said...

You should be more than okay with what you have done so far. A narrow, narrow path is better than having to hide who you are! You could not hide very well anyway :) Stay true to who you ae and be happy!

Don said...

Reading the story of Sound Guy and his custody battle makes me realize how lucky I was, as a man, to get full custody of my two kids over 30 years ago. From observing many bitter experiences I chose not to get an attorney while she did. I just made it very, very clear how far I would go, if necessary, to keep my kids - it worked. I hope he did get custody! Men can make excellent single parents even though the courts seem to question this fact - as they did in my case.