Monday, March 09, 2009

Putitos por Caballitos!

When in Argentina.....!!! My ex Gabriel (below left) and his boyfriend Emanuel (right) are two of the butchest gay boys in Buenos Aires. See, here they are brooding sexy at Argentina's "Amerika" club.
So I was shocked when the two invited me over to their house in Buenos Aires and I found THESE TWO staring me in the face. Ok!!!

Always up for a bit of bad drag, I quickly transformed myself into one Tormenta Jones. As you can tell, Tormenta didnt have a lot to work with. The yellow underwear was a lucky match, though.
Notice in these photos I am doing absolutely anything to make sure that the leopard print heels get into the shot. Also notice how I am a dead ringer for Shelley Winters in Lolita. You know, the scene where she does this pathetic Cha-Cha to sex-up her husband after he falls for a 16 year old.

Looking at me here, I understand why she was ultimately terribly unsuccessful in wooing her own husband. It also plays into fears that I may end up aging like Shelly Winters.
Another friend showed up for some Kabuki love, Argentine style.
Ultimately, we went out on the streets of Caballitos neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
Champagne and cobblestones!
Quick story about the lovely lady to my right, in black. I've forgotten her name but she was so completely audacious. Everyone else went back inside, but he wanted to walk around the block and tempt truck drivers. So of course I had to join!

Now, you thought I was crazy, but this one! This one---she hiked up her dress in the back so her ass was hanging completely out and then walked onto a busier street and by then it was around 4 a.m. and there was some late night traffic, and she's slowly sauntering in the street---ass hanging out. Taxis are honking, truck drivers are slowing down, eyeing her approvingly, actually talking to her! At this point, on a dark street in drag at 4 am, I am hiding behind a tree. I watch and marvel and at one point I ask her, "Do you ever do this for money?" and she responds all sly, "No. I do it only for love."

At which point I practically fell out of those leopard heels.

But he really started to scare me and I kept saying, "They can't all tell you're a guy!" because he was that good, and then later I pleaded "Let's go....You are going to be KILLED!"

Very calmly, he turns to me, ass hanging out, and says "Nah. Aca en Buenos Aires somos muy Gay-Friendly."


Eddie in OKC said...

OMG that's hysterical. I love that you were out-Jesseed ;)

And I doubt seriously that you'll age like Shelly. A fine ripple, perhaps ...

Don said...

Why would you ever want to apply for a regular job!!!

Anonymous said...

Jesse- you are on hot bitch! ;)