Thursday, March 12, 2009

Overheard in the Deli

It's kind of late at night and I'm a little drunk so I head into the deli for a pack of hard-boiled eggs (peeled, of course) and at the sandwich counter, right next to the eggs, I see this young woman--standing next to this giant who looked and smelled homeless, and since they made a really curious pair, I pricked up my ears.

Woman: "Pick out any one you want..."
Homeless: "Can you just give me the money?"
Woman: "Which sandwich do you want?"
Homeless: "I want the money for the sandwich."
Woman: "I'm not giving you the money, I'm buying you a sandwich."
Homeless: "Can I have the money?"
Woman: "You said you were hungry."
Homeless: "I am."
Woman: "So I'll buy you a sandwich, but I'm not just giving you the money. So which sandwich do you want?"

Pause for a long face-off.

Homeless: "If you give me the money, I can get pizza across the street."


Sancho said...

Maybe it is just me, but I find it offensive when people do this. If you want to feed the homeless then donate your time/money to a soup kitchen or shelter. The arrogance of saying pretty much "Well I want to give you money/help you but I need to make sure you spend it how I think it right." just infuriates me. Sometimes I wonder if altruism really is dead in America...

stephen said...

Webster-hungry =1 a: feeling hunger b: characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite...That man was trying to scam the woman. If someone is hungry, and you offer them a meal and they want the money,,,, then they are not hungry,,.. they are many cons out there and this sounds like one of them! We all have been hungry and are compassionate with them,,, they know that.... If you need the fkng $$ for rent,,,then say it,,, not " I am hungry!" or just direct them to the nearest St. Mary's Food Bank.

sexy said...









Jesse Archer said...

Is that like, Chinese spam?

Casper said...

I agree with Sancho that donating one's time and money to a soup kitchen might be better, but when a homeless person is begging you for money on the street because they haven't eaten for 2 days, the easiest thing is to just keep walking thinking that he is lying and just wants the money for drugs or alcohol. Or you can just pretend to be naive, give him some cash and keep walking. I think this woman did the right thing. She was asked for help. She accepted to give it but she wanted to make sure she was helping and not being scammed. Good for her!

Edina said...

There are random English numbers and letters amongst the Chinese spam.

Perhaps it's a clue!

As for the Homeless Guy, I agree with Sancho. Just because you give someone a few bucks doesn't mean you own them.