Friday, March 06, 2009

Mayonnaise Sandwiches, etc.

Edina turned me onto this video, filled with gaylebrities, and taken at Chelsea's Face to Face Spa 5 year anniversary party by the adorably irreverent Mike Diamond. He managed to smack me speechless when he told me his pancreas was coming out of his anus. Somehow, he managed to get more disgusting while talking to Jack Mackenroth.

About, um, about my hairdo. It has since been mercifully chopped off! And speaking of hair, check out my friend Miss Robbyne Kaamil in this video. She is genius. My favorite sound bites from Robbyne are, in order:

3) Her instructions for washing a hairpiece in murphy oil.
2) How she's happy she doesn't have to get up at 5 o'clock and pick cotton.
1) A real mayonnaise sandwich,"Not the mayonnaise sandwich from Splash on Saturday night."


The Blackout Blog said...

Robbyne makes a really good point about not having to pick cotton.

Is it bad that I saw muscles and fur and went directly to the video. I did read the rest of the post after!

Calen said...

haha, omg
i found that video last week
Robbyne is amazing

Mark in DE said...

I heart Robbyne!