Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe he should've taken the opportunity to come out?

I'm with my friend Kretch the other night and he's one of those guys who is super-gay, but totally passes. What's it like for those who pass? Damn, you know if they rounded up the gays, I'd be the first to go. Bam Bam would be the last if it weren't for me, and Kretch would be like second to last. Anyway, Kretch is not out at work and so he was at this function, something after work, where his male colleagues found themselves in a social situation.

One of his co-workers, this really man's man is showing Kretch photos on his iphone of his home or something and he's flipping through explaining each photo and then there's a photo of this adolescent 12 year old boy in full make-up, and the guy quickly flips to the next picture and pretends nobody saw that boy in makeup. Kretch speaks up and is like, "WHOA there! Go back! What was that last picture?"

Reluctantly, the man goes back to the photo for a second. "That's my son. He likes to wear make-up." "That's cool," says Kretch. "Yeah," says the father, "We're going with it for now..."


Margret said...

OMG, there's a story on the moth that is so inspirational about this kind of thing. Go here and listen to James Braly (2nd to the last selection) tell about the pink bicycle. Priceless.

Mark in DE said...

At least he "went with it" enough to take a photo of the boy!

Don said...

At least he had a picture - better than complete denial!!