Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Make a Film!

That untitled script about the fag hag? It's been everywhere. It's been on more laptops than I have! But ultimately I would have lost creative control and it may not have gotten made at all if I sold it and made money... so Casper Andreas and I are going to make it!

This film will bring back a couple characters from A Four Letter Word (slutty Luke, of course!), and a couple characters from Slutty Summer, plus a whole cast of really memorable new characters you will love. The script is packed with laughs and a lot of heart....if I do say so, myself! Casper and I hope to film this summer--and, since we're doing it independently, we need your help! We're looking for a few good....investors! The budget is again really low, and to own a share is $8,000. (x 25 investors for a total budget of $200,000).

Considering the current economy, our pitch (based on the success of the past two films) is that it's better to invest in (and be part of) a creatively rewarding gay film and make a little money, than to lose all your money in the stock market. Good logic, right! Who's on board? ;)

Our proposal states the title of the film is "Island of Misfits"--to be clear, this is a working title, and will not be the actual title of the film. If you (or someone you know!) would like to invest, and get a producing credit...please check out our proposal here. Thanks so much for your help!

The film's synopsis, in case you missed it a few posts back:

She’s New York City’s most fabulous fruit fly! At nearly 40, Audrey Hanson is the racy, fun-loving belle of the ball. She spends her nights as royalty, but when the party ends she always heads home alone.

In the fast pace of high fashion PR, her co-worker Tyler tells her to seek out a straight male version of herself -- the mythical fag stag. But glamorous guru Salome gives her other advice. To nab a man, she insists, Audrey must abandon her gay boys.

When Audrey arrives home from yet another disastrous date to find her roommate has organized a gay sex party in her bedroom, she decides Salome is right. In order to get a man of her own, the last of the fag hags strikes out on a hilarious quest to change the woman she is. Chasing love and lust at all costs, Audrey may find them in the most unlikely of places.


Anonymous said...


I have complete confidence in both you and Casper. Of course, you can count on my financial support!

Your friend, Jimmy

Jesse Archer said...

Very sweet, Jimmy. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

im totally in!

regards -


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Great news about you and Casper teaming up again for "Island of Misfits." And of course, his many fans look forward to seeing what that outrageous Luke is up to this time.

Eddie in OKC said...

Hmmm ... what'll a hundred bucks get me???

Mark in DE said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see this new film.

Oh, and if you need a 45 year old (but totally looks 32) gay guy amateur actor for any small but meaningful parts, call on me!


Jesse Archer said...

Thanks guys for the support, & thanks always for your involvement Mich! And Eddie I'm sure $100 bucks would pay for our on-set fluffer. :)

Margret Echeverria said...

This is going to be awesome. I'm so excited!!

Eddie in OKC said...

so then I could keep the $100???? ;-P

Don said...

Any film with Luke and Casper associated with is is bound to be a hoot!! Can not wait for it to come out - you are Luke in every way!!

Sadly the market already took everyone's money!! Possibly you could get in line for some of those "bonuses" that are coming out again or some of the money banks are sending back to the government!!

Good Luck!

Don said...

Cut costs - save the $100 for the "fluffer" - I will do it for free - just for you!! Want to provide support in any way I can!!