Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joan Rivers catered to my every whim!

For those of you who caught Celebrity Apprentice saw me & Bam Bam wreaking havoc on the candidates as two of the notorious "gays of room 702". Joan Rivers was catering to our every whim! Yes, we set the gay movement back about a decade.

Since I was bound by a "confidentiality agreement" before, I couldn't tell you that this was the night I tossed the BIBLE from the hotel room window. Yeah, that bit didn't make it onto NBC!

So here's the scoop. Our friends Matt & Wayne invited Bam, me, and our mutual friend Becky to the hotel where they were staying...saying it was being filmed, and that all we had to do was spend lots of free money on room service. That's all we knew--until we got there and discovered it was Celebrity Apprentice. Of course we spent all our free money on champagne!! The golfer girl, Natalie, was hopeless. Obviously she'd only been waited upon. But pro-poker player Annie was amazing. I hope she wins.

We decided to camp it up and play the part - so we asked Joan Rivers to find us a peep show (G lounge? She failed!), asked if we could keep the bible (when security brought it back from 61st street), and in the morning we all cozied up in bed together when the cameras entered. I thought we were good TV. But then again, so was Dennis Rodman. He should've come to room 702! That would have been great TV!

It was really funny to see Joan and Melissa and all the girls call us out on the show's finale. I wrote a text message to Wayne when I saw it. "Joan Rivers just trashed us to Donald Trump!"

Wayne fires back. "And he paid the bill."


Tomboys said...

You guys were by far the most entertaining guests! Loved it!

melissa said...

I caught this totally by accident!! I was flipping through the channels last night and paused b/c I swore I heard your voice (wasn't wearing my glasses at the time -- totally blind!) -- I had to rewind and DVR it so Jon can see it when he comes back from L.A.!!! Loved it.

Melissa, Jon, & Star

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I avoid anything to do with Donald Trump like the plague, and especially if there could be a hint of Dennis Rodman's presence. (I truly am an old fogey) Trusting to catch a clip of your famous champagne bed scene, or whatever else, I searched the 3/29 NBC web site, but alas, could find nothing much but Dennis Rodman getting obnoxious, (and stupid). How did I not find it? movienut


Mark in DE said...

I don't watch the Celebrity Apprentice, but just happened to be flipping around and saw you and Bam! I excited said to Spouse "Look - there's Jesse!", to which he responded "Huh? Jesse who?" I said "Jesse Archer. From the gay films. We met him in Oct in NYC" I reminded him. "Oh yeah, it is him, isn't it?" he said. LOL - what an unexpected siting!

Sancho said...

I'm not an "Apprentice" fan at all, but I watched this on Hulu after I read your post. The episode was pretty decent actually, but I loved to death you and your friends! Trust the gays to be difficult customers ;-)

Anonymous said...

"At least they didn't leave anything in the toilet!"


Annie Duke said...


So I totally love you guys! A friend of mine just sent me this link and it is so fun to see your perspective! I wrote a blog Sunday on the episode. You can check it out here:

I loved you guys so we must hook up when I am back in NYC! I am serious!


Jesse Archer said...

ANNIE!!!! We'd love that!

Bob said...

I didn't know you were on or I would have watched. Did any of it make it to YouTube? Is there any other place we can see it?

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Bob--
I think you can catch it on Hulu. Also on the NBC website. XOXO

Anonymous said...

You guys were hilarious, and pretty cute!

Salar said...

hi! i am trying to get in touch with matt. long lost friends. anyway you can ask him to email mariam at

Sarah J. said...

I followed the link from Annie Duke's site. As a fellow homo I have to say you guys rocked the show last week. It was awesome to see you have such fun, especially making Joan run around for you. Now that was priceless.
I knew Annie would be great with the gays. And she looks kind of hot in that bellboy outfit too, lol.

Random Thinker said...

That was a hilarious episode... glad you all had fun, your group was by far the most entertaining.

Now, this week's pissed me off with the Donald acting all high and mighty and firing Khloe for a DUI that she's serving out her punishment - only to get smacked again by combover guy?