Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hibernating in the House

Winter has not ended! It refuses to end! The snowstorm that blasted into NYC yesterday brought down (again!) temperatures just at the time when the landlords (always lovely people!) are looking to reduce their fuel bills and turned down the boiler heat. I threw on my SNUGGIE and still was freezing so I did what any walk-up living New Yorker does and I headed directly to the oven, turned it up to 500 degrees, and threw open its door.

Hours later, I started to get sleepy. My eyes began to sting. And I remembered someone told me that you can die of carbon monoxide poisoning from the open oven. Reluctantly I turned off the oven. I did not go to sleep. Bam Bam came home and we watched a documentary about First Ladies.

Did you know Eleanor Roosevelt needed an orthodontist? And Barbara Bush is actually a real C U Next Tuesday? Edith Wilson practically was president after her husband suffered a stroke, and Dolley Madison saved a painting of Washington when the White House burned in the war of 1812 (yes, we lost a war before Vietnam!).

During this riveting show, Bam Bam gets up off the couch and puts on his big puffy winter coat.

"Where are you going?" I ask him. "Nowhere," he says, zipping it up as he sits back down.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

That was some storm - a big piece of it touched down here in Virginia. The snow started Sunday evening and continued thru mid-day Monday. We got 7 or 8 inches, which for this part of the world is enough to close down almost everything. Schools, City Government, you name it.
Fortunately, the one truly essential service, the local bar and grill, was open and only about 3 blocks away.
And it was cold - 11 degrees at 7AM. I wore three or four layers all day. Stayed warm shoveling snow. I'll send you a picture or 2. Hope you guys are warmer today.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I remember it well. Looking out the window from my University classroom, it was snowing. It was the 22nd of May, living in the mountains just south of the Canadian border, I vowed "I am out of here!". Since then, I have done my best to live only in warm or tropical places. When I hear these stories, I am forever thankful that we live here (Palm Springs). I saw a few snow flakes once in 26 years. If ever I feel the need to wade in the white stuff, I can take a 20 minute tram ride up Mr. Jacinto where it might be 4 feet deep. Movienut