Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Fairy Revenge

Thanks to everyone who responded to the last post...everything is still under consideration...I really appreciate your help and will continue to be asking for your participation in the ongoing creative process!

Now back to your regular scheduled programming:

I went to my writers group on Friday and one of the writers had brought over some bottles of radical faerie created Absinthe. Supposedly Absinthe was used by all the famous Parisian writers, and it awakens the green fairy, or turns you into a green fairy or something and it was illegal for like a century but now it's back on the market. I tried to chug it which was a huge mistake because you're supposed to just sip it like a cordial. It tasted like rocket fuel. I ended up leaving early. Lucky me!

My friend Trent carried on, sipping away at his Absinthe until it was all polished off and then it turns out the green fairy flew him over to the West Side Club sauna...where he ended up puking and then passing out on his cot till 6am (accumulating a huge overtime fee) and he's pretty sure he wasn't raped by a fairy of a different color, but, he implores, "What the hell is in Absinthe??!"

Because so far it's done nothing for his writing.


eddie said...

well, I'd always heard the WSC was nasty. Those pics make it look nice.

Sancho said...

I started drinking absinthe when it was just starting to trickle back into the US markets legally. I think it's a wonderful drink if you're sitting around with friends, but not planning to go elsewhere. It is a VERY strong alcohol and tends to hit most folks very hard and in various ways.

Plus preparing it "properly" makes you feel all snooty and self-important, haha

melissa said...

I agree with you; it tastes like rocket fuel. A couple of years ago, Jon brought some "authentic" Czech absinthe home from his trip overseas. I was expecting a wild night. I didn't get it...not from the absinthe anyway.

Melissa, Jon, and Star