Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gay Pride 2009

While we're on the subject of drag, our Gay Pride 911 emergency meeting has taken place!

This is the annual meeting of friends where we decide what our group theme will be for the New York Pride Parade. This year's 911 emergency meeting was only held in March. Once it was in November. The parade isn't until June!

Last year we rocked the Gay Vote. I hope my friend Harrison will do my makeup again this year!

Aunt Sam brings you this Public Service Announcement!
We always want our idea to be current and contemporary. Granted, our themes from 2003 ("Gay Bride") and 2004 ("Out of Iraq and into my Crack") are still, lamentably, contemporary today.

The meeting was yet another heated debate and ended in a very close decision. A large contingency wanted to honor Barbie's 50th birthday...a theme which nearly won until Anita Private said she absolutely couldn't pull off Barbie, even at 50, and we all agreed.

So, drumroll please....the theme this year is going to focus on the economy. We're going GOLD. Yes, that oughtta sparkle!

We'll be the "GOLD DIGGERS OF 2009" which (in addition to seedier implications), hearkens back to a string of Busby Berkeley films from the great depression of the 1930's. The gold theme also provides ample opportunity with which to mine some good names. Amber Nugget? Pam Handle? Goldie Standard? J'adore D'or?

Look for us on Fifth Avenue!


Edina said...

Goldfinger's sidekick, Pussy Galore/Honor Blackman.

The Blackout Blog said...

God! I swear for every event, I try to get my friends to do some kind of group outfit. I thought the irony of a bunch of Ivy-League nerds dressed as homo thugs (each in a color of the gay flag) would be hilarious for Gay Pride! Everyone liked the idea but never wants to actually do it.

Hopefully the same won't happen for the Black Party. Then again, I'm surprised I could even get any of them to even attend.