Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's an easy, breezy 39 Steps

When all the shows closed on Broadway back in January, I was shocked and surprised to see that the spoof on Hitchcock's The 39 Steps....remained! I thought perhaps it was one of those lame middle America mainstream crowd-pleasers like Legally Blonde . But then I saw it last week, and was blown away. It's got a cast of four, but they play multiple characters---and these actors do it so well, you actually think at times there are 6 or more characters on stage. This show is engaging, highly entertaining, and the great hard-working actors give you more than your money's worth. Yes, in this economy!

The time passed so quick at The 39 Steps, and with my attention span---I could hardly sit through Billy Elliott, the musical---a show that I loved! I thought there was no way Billy Elliott could compare with the movie but to its credit--it came close. Especially the grandma, a number called "expressing yourself" with his little drag queen friend, and then that magical, stupendous pas de deux with his older self---a real-life, muscle-rippling Adonis of a ballet dancer--that just took your breathe away. The show was a little long, with a bit too much focus on the plight of the macho miners...ugh. But the sweet story of the kid that's gotta dance---I don't know if it's a huge hit on Broadway, but it's a huge hit with me.

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melissa said...

This is too funny that you should post this today...right before I emailed you!

Melissa, Jon, and Star

The Blackout Blog said...

Hey, I really liked Legally Blonde!