Monday, February 23, 2009

We Got Milk!

Thanks to friends Chad & Scott for hosting an Oscar Party last night. Thanks also to my genius taxi driver, who said his credit card machine wasn't working because once I said, "What if we pay the tip in cash?" he agreed that his credit card machine was suddenly working.

But mostly thanks to Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn for their Oscar speeches. I'm so glad my winner predictions were wrong! Oscars reach such a gigantic worldwide audience, and I'm so glad it wasn't me giving the speech below, because I wouldn't have been able to get through it without breaking up entirely.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Thanks for the Dustin Lance Black clip; that was a wonderful speech. Didn't realize he'd won because didn't watch the Oscars. Spent the weekend skiing in W.Va, got back and went to a dinner party where I drank a little wine, then went home and totally crashed.
I have 2 of Black's early movies, "Journey of Jared Price (wrote & directed - definitely a first-time effort), and "On the Bus," which he produced and directed. The latter was a documentary about six young gay guys going to Burning Man. Worth a look-see, given your own adventure there.
Never would have guessed that Black would win an Oscar. Definitely well deserved, though.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I tuned in too late to catch that incredible speech. Thank you for putting it into your blog. It was much too important to miss. Movienut

Don said...

This speech should be part of what we teach our children - thanks for posting it. I will share it with my kids.