Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Tango of Skinnydipping

Oh, the glories of the gay Axel hotel in Buenos Aires! Let us count thy ways.

There are two pools. One outside.
On Sundays, they have an outdoor party with a DJ and local Porteno boys can come swimming. We couldn't stop ogling this guy here below, with the body. Mich Lyon wanted to offer him 500 pesos, for a striptease in his room. He made Walter go ask the guy. Walter was so nervous, he said even his sunglasses were sweating.

Walter he eventually did go propose the guy, who respectfully declined. "I'm with my boyfriend today, but otra cosa." Sadly, tomorrow...they checked out.

Then there's the indoor pool. It's on the top floor, so as you're heading up the stairs you can look up and see who's swimming. Vetruvian men?
I can't tell you the creepy terror when you dive into that pool, thinking you may crash through and tumble ten stories to your death. Kind of like Sharon Stone did, in Sliver.

They also kept it really really hot, and they told people to keep their clothes on. But you can't always keep a good gay down. Or maybe you can't keep him from going down. Here are two unidentified hotel guests, from below.


Tony said...

Looks like you were treated to a surfeit of eye-candy down there. Interesting swimming pool action. Gives new meaning to the term tango.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, sounds like a cool place!

Don said...

Make my reservations!!

Anonymous said...

Aw...the memories..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. It brings back my memories of the book. I wish the appropriate pictures could have been in the book? I leant my copy to a friend (cannot remember who). He never returned it, or I would review with photographs. Movienut

Edina Monsoon said...

I think it was Sharon Stone in "Catwoman" who fell to her demise through 10 stories of glass (not "Sliver").

Please don't ask me to watch either of those two movies again to verify this.