Monday, February 09, 2009

Snowboarding on the East River?!

This weekend Red Bull and the Parks Department set up a ten story snow-hill! This thing was gigantic. First they'd fly down the slope, then jump a big span and land down the side of the second set-up. Some of the hottest snowboarders came from around the country, including Shaun White, to compete in the jump. Check out video of the competition here.

Look really close to spot a snowboarder, mid-air, just to the left of the triangle.
The East River has seen a lot of action lately. Remember last summer, when I blogged about the man who made love to the digger? Definitely got to hand it to the folks at the New York Parks Department for putting on yet another totally random smash.

The area is undergoing a lot of changes. In the photo below, cranes are slowly (it's been over 3 years already!) rebuilding the condemned East River boardwalk. Also notice the presence of SUV strollers. Gentrification has wheeled itself into new territory. Current East River project-housing dwellers: beware.

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