Friday, February 13, 2009

Shameless Promotions!

I was recently on a radio show in Brattleboro, Vermont. "This show is so gay" with Ken and Becca---click the link to listen to the podcast where we talk hate mail, straight invasions, and dead ducks. In fairness, it wasn't me who accidentally ran over that duck. I was only a passenger, but clearly I inherited the guilt.

For Chicago Pride, Jason Freeman interviewed gay notables such as the fabulous Michael Musto about how to keep your romance sizzling on Valentine's day. I made it at the bottom of the page in a rare mood. I suggested anti-romance and getting together to sniff poppers. In truth, I said poppers and champagne enemas. But they left that part out.

Also, my latest OUT column, Sex, Lies, and Spinach is up online. There's no comments online yet, so feel free to leave one. That doesn't mean I haven 't gotten a lot of reader comments via email. Some thought the column important, others offered suggestions on the evolutionary origins of belief, and a few gave me the always-anonymous hate-mail.

Yes, some people really think there is a cure for AIDS, that it doesn't exist, and that the earth is flat!


Anonymous said...

you got a comment now, jesse.

and i've done some shameless self promotion while i was at it.

(a friend of matt and darren from downunder...)

Anonymous said...

WITCH DOCTORS IN AMERICA. Since reading Sex,Lies,Spinach last month, I have been meaning to comment that you have it nailed. As you know, I became (reluctantly) part of that reviled medical establishment which was embroiled in HIV (gay cancer, HTLA among other terms) early on. In retrospect, I strongly believe that several of my friends and colleagues (one a classmate of mine) died of the disease in the late 70's, before this plague was beginning to be recognized. From our (my) side of this horrible situation, it was truly terrifying. In the first place, we ourselves were gay. We had to care for our patients and our friends who were dying. In 1981, there was no test, we did not know the cause, how it was transmitted, how to treat it and how to avoid (personally) being infected. Is it safe to touch, to breathe, to comfort to stop the bleeding of someone. What if they really ARE bleeding? Should I suture the wound? What about their saliva their sweat, their urine, their vomitus? Gloves were not quite being recognized at that time. Condoms, non-oxynol 9, oral dams, who knew? In some instances, we were being blamed and even castigated for not knowing, not treating and not curing. (Do you really care?) There were some very angry people (and understandably). Methods and cures were being devised constantly by lay people who refused to understand our reluctance to embrace numerous remedies such as eating dirt, sniffing lemon juice up the nose, eating mistletoe or drinking one's own or someone else's urine. "It is our hedonistic life style. Why don't Asian peoople get the disease?" We had our own witch doctors. Western medicine, nurses, M.D's, the pharmaceutical industry, the government, religion etc. we were all suspect. "We were all part of some great conspiracy." In spite of all of this, in the trenches, all we knew how to do from '81 to '86 was to comfort and hold, to cry, and to try; try and treat each and every virus, fungus, bacterial infection, wasting syndrome, psychosis, blindness, skin tumor or any other cancer, awful skin disfiguring disease (and God knows what else) as best we knew how at that time (and to pray). Thankfully, those horrendous days are somewhat past, but that pesky HIV virus still lingers on and is among us all. Forgive the soap box. Movienut

Michael Toepfer said...

"that the earth is flat"

Everyone knows that the Earth is flat. Thomas L. Friedman published a book about it and there's even the "Flat Earth Society." I hold this truth to be self-evident. And so should you. Seriously, I would give you 100 bucks for saying "I believe that the Earth is flat!" publicly. ;-)