Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar Predictions?

Oscars are tomorrow! For some reason my favorite part is always the tribute to actor's who died. There are always shocks and surprises and sadness. There's Heath Ledger and Paul Newman, but when you see Cyd Charisse in that tribute please think of me. I will be bawling!

But back to the living. Let's talk about 2008's Best Picture.

Benjamin Button: Loved the concept. I loved also what it had to say about life and love. It did have it's problems, particularly a cheezy montage when they were jumping around on a mattress basically just to show, "It's the sock-hop, therefore we're now in the 1950's!" and they never DID explain why in the world he couldn't afford a BED, when he had just sold his father's mansion?

My favorite part was when he came back young and sexed up and she was an aged teacher. She took him home for some slam bam cougar action, and you know she was thinking, Oh honey, I remember how to do this!!!

Milk: I know this is sacrilege, but was anyone else not blown away by Milk? I'm definitely not one of those gays that overly criticize every gay film (um, duh!), and I did cry about 3 times during this film. But I just felt there were way too many characters thrown in there (for historical accuracy), and too much inconsequential plot. Like Harvey's second boyfriend. Why was he in there? So he killed himself and it was really cinematic, but how did that push the plot forward? My favorite part about this film was that it got made at all. And what timing.

The Reader: haven't seen it.

Frost/Nixon: Couldn't pay me to see it.

Slumdog Millionaire: Like Benjamin Button, I loved the concept here. Really, it was genius. Same goes for the fabulous Bollywood musical end credits. But I didn't believe the love story for one second, and maybe that's just because she is a supermodel and he's ugly? Am I that superficial? Probably. I also thought some parts were overly melodramatic and why did they have so many actors playing the different ages that didn't look the same at all. There were also some nitpicky things which I always notice, in films and in life. For example, they showed some American dollars, $20 bills, and in the script this was like maybe 1990. But they were using the new bills. The ones that came out about 5 years ago. Um, hello? Props man? You took me out of the story!

My pick: Benjamin Button.

As for actress, I really loved Changeling, and my favorite superhero Angelina Jolie. I haven't seen the Reader, but since I really loved Revolutionary Road...I think it's Kate Winslet's year.

As for actor, I thought Sean Penn was excellent (hot-damn, he needs to moisturize!) but have you seen the Wrestler? Between the meat slicer incident and the ringside body staple-gunning, the whole movie was like watching someone inject heroin into a giant bloody gaping wound. That's entertainment! Mickey Rourke for best actor.

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