Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Margaret Needs a new Guru?

My friend Margaret works at a bank (so far no fear of layoffs), and relates this story about her "business best friend". It's someone she's never even met, but he lives in Chicago and his name is Ray. Apparently she negotiated some great meeting for him with her boss. As a thank you....Ray sends her a box of fudge from Chicago.

The fudge is horrible.

Now here's where things get complicated for Margaret. Apparently, she has a guru. Now I'm not sure who this person is. Knowing Margaret, it could be someone who spent time in an Ashram. The guru could also be her boyfriend. But Margaret claims her guru says "honesty is the best policy when it comes to gifts".

Guru declares: One must never say one liked it, if one did not.

So after a bit of soul-searching, Margaret decides to be truthful with Ray. When he asks, she will tell him the fudge was horrible.

After a while, Ray calls. He asks about the fudge.

Margaret says it was the worst fudge she ever had in her life, but his thoughtfulness was wonderful. The packaging was so pretty, it even smelled great! But the fudge itself? Really very waxy.

Margaret and Ray share a nervous little laugh.

They talk some business, and in the process Ray tells Margaret that his 84 year old mother was not feeling so well the week previous, and she died. He had to go to Dallas to bring her body back to Chicago and bury her. It was so unexpected.

Then, Ray tells Margaret that he wasn't feeling so well himself this he went to the doctor who told him he must have one of his kidneys removed. Immediately.

And the whole time Margaret is thinking:

What?! I couldn't have told him the fudge was fantastic???


The Blackout Blog said...

Damn! That belongs on

Don said...

Very touching - being kind and loving has been, for me, the best path in life - you just never know.

Anonymous said...

Any Australian reading about Ray's mother's death and his loss of a kidney soon after would've immediately deducted: it was the friggin' fudge that did it!!!

Now, who is trying to kill Ray and accidently did Mom in when Ray sent her some of that fudge????

-RL in Sydney

Sancho said...

When you said he started talking about his mother being sick/dying I really thought it was going to end up "...and he told her that his mother made that fudge just before she died."

I suppose your friend dodged a minor bullet there...