Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Furry Roommate

There's a mouse living somewhere in my kitchen (behind the stove?) I'm not sure. The first time I saw him, last summer, I screamed like a banshee. I told the exterminator and he gave me a chunk of glue traps, but I used one of those back in college housing. My roommate at the time, Rich, was socially awkward with women and excitedly suggested we construct a giant glue trap, to catch women. Last I heard, Rich was not in jail.

When our glue trap did catch a mouse, it just stuck there-alive-screaming its brains out. I had to throw it away like that. I'll never be able to use a glue trap again.

My new mouse is still around. In the intervening months, I've seen its droppings inside a box of saltines, and sometimes late at night I see it scurry across the stove. Once it even appeared at a party. Where I used to scream, now I smile. It's something of a comfort. Hi Mouse!

My friends think this reaction is disturbing. I'm starting to agree with them because last night I purposely left a little piece of granola out on the counter.

It was gone in the morning.


carmel debreuil said...

yeah you will love it when it comes out, and, if it's a straight mouse, it's partner, their twenty five children, the children's children, cos i think incest is okay, and they start chewing things, like your clothes, your food, your hair at night...
you can poison them which is cruel and they often die in the walls rotting for days
you can get a mouse trap that snaps them across the guts if they are lucky leaving them to die a horrible slow death, or across the face if they are not so lucky, so they die an even slower more painful death or become so disfigured they will never be a model
or i think you can still get live traps, where they get trapped in a cage and then you walk them outside or to a park or to a mate's place and release them...
good luck mouse lover

Anonymous said...

Gee, didn't anyone out there take Stuart Little to heart? What is not to love? Movienut

Sancho said...

Train it to pilot a miniature steamboat and let your media empire begin!

Anonymous said...

Mice are cute. Just reframe how you think of them. I remind myself that mice and rats aren't any different from hamsters, which I had growing up. And they aren't that different from the many furry animals that I do like. It's all just silly socializing.

How sad that you used a glue trap. That really is torture. If you do want to trap a mouse again, there are humane traps that catch the mouse alive in a box and then you can let it go outside. Please use one of those.