Monday, February 16, 2009

It can't hurt to ask!

Many of you know I wrote a travel memoir "You Can Run" from my adventures in South America. You can still find it online for about $15, but I just found one copy for sale on Amazon for $238 Um. Is it printed on truffles and dipped in gold?

Times are tough in this economy and sellers, I guess, are just trying to avoid the breadlines! I know I'm really proud of the book, and this copy is hardback, but really it shouldn't cost more than $20 (get a signed paperback for $15 here) and I'm not sure why it ever does? But it appears most of that sum is a "sourcing fee". Let me just make it clear that if you can pay that kind of cash to source my book---please let me source it for you.

Heck, I'll write you a whole new chapter!


Don said...

Now if you were on truffles and dipped in gold it would be well worth the price!! Heck, forget the gold!! Do you deliver?

Casper said...

Hey Jesse! Let everyone know they can get a copy (signed by you!) in my online store for only $14.99. Cheap enough to pick up one of your movies too :)


Jesse Archer said...

Hi Casper. Done!

Michael Coates said...

I had a very used & cherished copy if the book. Then an ex-boyfriend never returned it back to me. Which is a shame only because I bet he never appreciated & enjoyed your story as much as I did.

I think I'll have to go to Casper's store & buy copy #2.

Xo Jesse.

Anonymous said...

michael, that bitch is probably the one selling it on amazon!