Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Disfrutando de la carne Argentina!

In Argentina, it was a little hard to keep on the diet. They've got great food---empanadas, provoletas, suprema de pollo, and of course Argentina is known for its meat!!!

They especially love the parilla, which is a bbq overflowing with various bovine guts. They just love selecting from this cornocopia. There's the bloodball morcilla, the neck gland molleja, the squiggly intestinal chinchulin. I went out to dinner one night with friends at the normal hour, 11 pm, and they ordered a new slice of guts I'd never tried before.

mystery cow innards, dark blobs on silver tray at right

I can't remember the name but I asked Gabriel (above, left) which part of the cow it came from. "A sack," he told me in spanish, "Near the ribs". Ewwww!!! I kept insisting I was vegetarian, to which Gabriel kept looking at me like I was misbehaving. It tasted a little like grilled eggplant.

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Anonymous said...

Jesse, Your gormet delight in Argentina appeared quite delicious. However, I DONT EVEN want to know what it is that you (or I) were eating. You have a brother in Montana and you know that I hail from there as well. "They" eat both cow and sheep testicles, sweet breads (thymus gland), tripe, blood sausage, sort of chitlins made out of God knows what, pickled pigs feet, boiled chickens feet (very succulent) beef tongue, calves liver, chicken gizzard stew and the list goes on. I really could become vegetarian. Florence,from Cornwall, England, our landlady, had a tripe (whole cow's stomach) delivered monthly by a local rancher. It was usually dropped on a rather secluded front porch. My little mongrel rascal (named Puppy) managed to find Florence's stomach. He knew he had the prize of the year as he was running gaily down the street, dragging Florence's stomach. There were several persons of concern shouting while chasing him. Needless to say, they finally cornered him and forcefully wrenched the tripe from his mouth (tripe is very tough and resilient). Mom was afraid our rent was to be raised. MovieNut.